In accordance with the requirements of the new time, favorable conditions were created for readers and the opportunity to use the library's book Fund was provided.

The main goal of the library staff is to improve the quality of service to readers.

Service of readers is conducted in six reading rooms, also on one subscription placed in educational buildings and a hostel.

In the reading rooms and library subscription issued educational, scientific, fiction and periodicals in accordance with the requests of readers.

Reading rooms provide for the use of readers maloekzamstantirnuyu, the most valuable literature, as well as periodicals.

The library carries out information and bibliographic work, the main directions of which are: the organization of reference and bibliographic apparatus, reference and bibliographic service, the formation of information culture of readers.

In order to disclose the contents of the book collections, bulletins of new arrivals of literature to the library are compiled.

 In the reading rooms are open views of new literature received by the library, as well as a permanent book exhibition "New books" in the reading rooms and subscription.

 One of the most important works of the library is cultural and educational work. The library hosts thematic and open book exhibitions dedicated to significant dates; thematic folders on topical issues are organized; conversations among first-year students about the rules of using the library are held; we arrange book exhibitions at conferences and seminars held at the University.

To significant and memorable dates was organized the following book exhibitions: "Mangilik El" – El bolashagy Baty; "Kazakhstan – 2050" strategies alipasin memlekett Jean political baity; "Easy ber, Kazakh language, Ana tilim", "Uly Erlik –urpakka Ulgi", "Door and place Urbandale", "Astana – Arman Kala", "Kazakhstan asanas Jeter Golinda", "Elms yerteni BLM Zhastar", "Bir Otan, place bir, bir Elbasy", "Tauelsizdik – BAA of jetpac Hayle", "Thelist uly ruhy", "CSI Bilim – Kemel KELESHEK kepl", "Kazakhstannyn bolashagy – BLM Urpak", "El bolashagy – salauatty Urpak", "Rouhani air – elms render Zholy", "Rouhani heritage and ideas mangilik El", etc.

As part of the implementation of the state program of Elbasy N. A. Nazarbayev "rukhani zhangyru" project " New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks". The advantages of this project are that the University students have been created conditions for full-fledged education in social Sciences and Humanities in the state language, which correspond to advanced modern standards.

A book lives while it is being read, so it must be close to its reader. The teaching staff of the University took an active part in the campaign "Book as a gift to the library".

The purpose of the action: to increase the information resources of the University. Their names will forever be associated with the history of the University library.

Each gift is important for the library, because it gives the opportunity to extend the life of the book and support the library. Today, this is especially important, as the gifts of readers, charitable assistance and donations are a significant and necessary source of replenishment of the University library. Donated books will find grateful readers in the library.